Our Work

Bringing decades of experience, our Consultants have had the pleasure of working with some of Australia's biggest brands across various industries. As examples of range, we have experience leading digital audit at Metro Trains Melbourne, UX Strategy and Transformation at Telstra and Big Enterprise Data at NAB. We also have delivered excellent results for medium and small businesses across Australia and giving best-in-class quality to their firms.

Current Client Spotlight

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne engaged Tasktent to bring the capabilities of digital solution design and change management. Tasked with the goal of automating key academic statements and operationalising the SaaS platform to allow for this, we took a user centric approach to the challenge to ensure the best end product for staff and students.

With the project still in train, we look forward to ensuring that by the end of the journey, The University of Melbourne is the leading University in digital document dissemination and student experiences within these workflows.

Key capabilities

- Digital Change

- Transformation and analysis

- User Experience Design

- SaaS configuration 

- Change Management and Assurance