Our Core Services

Customer Experience Audit And Design




We also provide detailed software testing and auditing based on measuring student experiences with products (either existing or proposed). We have helped save 100s of thousands of dollars in waste by auditing, monitoring and advising improvements to sub-standard student experiences.




Higher Education is where Tasktent started. And more than that, we truly believe in the power of higher education as a valued part of society in that it provides students with the most developmental and enriching experiences of their lives. 

Our goal is to help higher educations in Australia continue to deliver world-leading experiences to students and staff.

We're a MAV Procurement

Certified Supplier

In 2019, we have set our goals firmly around adding great value to our great Victorian councils, both metro and regional. We believe that our range of distinctive competencies and our new-to-market remote consulting service will be of significant benefit to all councils who may be looking for a spark and some flair from their IT suppliers. 


We are also confident in our ability to beat the whole market on value and quality and look forward to discussing these points.