How we will work together

Our goal is to offer our clients a complete digital capability with a dynamic and affordable service model matched to their budget and requirements. Most work will occur remotely to save cost for clients and agency as well as allow us to partner and deliver for clients in regional Australia without compromising quality. In doing so, we can save our clients thousands of dollars in consulting costs whilst adding better value and returns of their investment.

Step 1 - We audit your business

We have a policy to put the customer at the centre of everything that we do and make sure that all of our work is for the betterment of the customer.


Further, we would look forward to getting to know our customers' goals, motivations, challenges and what makes them special.

The end deliverable will be an overview of your firm in relation to your goals, your competitors, and the market.

Step 2 - We work with you to create a model to meets YOUR needs

After we complete your audit, we'll have a discussion about an opportunity for improvement to your business and if there is a place for us in that story.


Based on your goals, budget, operational model and current business needs, we'll work with you to build up an engagement model that can meet your needs in line with your time and cost considerations.

Step 3 - Raise jobs or 'set and forget'

Once we're ready to get working, we'll onboard you into your unique client portal which will be our shared workstation and our platform for collaboration.


We offer all clients 24/7 access to their portal where they can raise tasks, book appointments, chat with us (within business hours), track business goals and manage all of their digital documents.


You can also work with your dedicated project manager and build a long-term delivery plan. With this method, you can advise us the scope and delivery dates. Once agreed, simply set, forget, and we'll do the rest.

Step 4 - Quality and continuous improvement

In a short matter of time (days, not weeks!), we'll have completed your pieces of work and notified you of delivery outcomes as well as distribution of any work completed (Both in the client portal).


After the completion of each piece of work, we would kindly ask that you rate us and provide feedback on how we've done so that we can continue to build a unique working relationship with your business.


If the work was delivered and not quire what you were after, please advise in the client portal and we will work to complete to your re-advised specification at no added cost.

Why Tasktent?

We know how many competencies are needed to ace IT, business and design. It's simply unreasonable to hire one person as a jack-of-all-trades or spend your budget farming work to various agencies and cheap labour sites.


Tasktent is here to provide your business with the full suite of services, assurance and continuity as having hired a full-time team at a fraction of the cost and risk.


Client Benefits

As your partners in digital excellence, we are committed to providing the best service possible. We will grow with you to provide more services, lower prices, better partner discounts and loyalty benefits.