Our Core Services

Student Experience Audit And Design



At Tasktent, we look to bring in people who share our enthusiasm for the betterment of student experiences, particularly in the areas of diversity, equity, social experience, academic experience and retention. We work with students, faculty and administration to identify the current state of play of experiences and advise actionable roadmaps based on student feedback. 


We also provide detailed software testing and auditing based on measuring student experiences with products (either existing or proposed). We have helped save 100s of thousands of dollars in waste by auditing, monitoring and advising improvements to sub-standard student experiences.



Higher Education is where Tasktent started. And more than that, we truly believe in the power of higher education as a valued part of society in that it provides students with the most developmental and enriching experiences of their lives. 

Our goal is to help higher educations in Australia continue to deliver world-leading experiences to students and staff.

Whom we've worked with

The University of Melbourne

Monash University

Australian Catholic University